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UX Prototyping with Principle


UX Prototyping with Principle

10 videos

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Scott Tolinski

Scott Tolinski

About the author

Animate Your Ideas, Design Better Apps

Principle makes it easy to design animated and interactive user interfaces. Whether you're designing the flow of a multi-screen app, or new interactions and animations, Principle lets you create designs that look and feel amazing.


  • Series Introduction 1M29S
  • #1 Installing Principle 5M3S
  • #2 Creating Our First Animation 11M17S
  • #3 Designing In Principle 9M47S
  • #4 Importing Designs From Sketch 6M31S
  • #5 Groups and Cliping Masks 7M56S
  • #6 An Introduction to Interactions 9M53S
  • #7 The Animation Timeline 8M1S
  • #8 Easing Curves in Principle 8M44S
  • #9 Understanding Drivers 7M14S
  • #10 Exporting From Principle 6M52S
  • #11 Exploring Paging 14M41S
  • #12 Mulitple Scrolling Views 11M44S
  • #13 Vertical Paging Parallax 8M56S

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