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React Native For Everyone

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React Native For Everyone

18 videos

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Scott Tolinski

Scott Tolinski

About the author

Become A Native App Developer

Native app developers are making millions of dollars a year. With sales rising, it's not too late to get in. Although native development can be daunting, in my React Native For Everyone series, you can learn real native development with just Javascript. 

Don't know React? Don't Worry!

This series covers both React & React Native basics. With comprehensive, practical examples, I make the tough parts easy. At the end of this series, you'll be able to publish fully functional React Native apps.


  • React Native For Everyone 1M25S
  • #1 Create React Native App & Setup 6M51S
  • #2 iOS Setup & Simulator 6M9S
  • #3 Android Setup & Emulation 12M39S
  • #4 Understanding React Native & React 12M34S
  • #5 Styles In React Native 8M50S
  • #6 Flexbox In React Native 11M50S
  • #7 Built In Components - Working With TextInput 7M2S
  • #8 Controlled Inputs 11M55S
  • #9 Manipulating Data In Realtime 11M37S
  • #10 Changing Tip Values With Buttons & Custom Tips 15M13S
  • #11 Native Base For Native Styles 15M44S
  • #12 Platform Specific Code 12M23S
  • #13 Code Cleanup & React Native APIs 14M26S
  • #14 Functional Stateless Components & Styling 24M21S
  • #15 Building App For the Play & App Store 13M33S
  • #16 Ejecting From Expo 4M46S
  • #17 Where To Go From Here 3M7S

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