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Modern CSS Layouts

Modern CSS Layouts
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Scott Tolinski

Scott Tolinski

The new CSS Modern Layouts course is fundamental for developers to be on top of their game. If you want to learn how to build awesome things with CSS Grid, Flexbox, and Modern CSS Properties the CSS Modern Layouts series is for you.

Throughout the 17 videos I’ll be teaching:

  • CSS Grid along with Flexbox pretty extensively
  • How to use CSS Grid in practical layouts
  • How to build different types of layouts (simple and complex) just using CSS Grid

You’ll learn:

  • How to get started with Flexbox
  • CSS Grid basic terminology
  • CSS Grid basic and advanced container properties
  • When to use CSS Grid or Flexbox
  • How to use CSS Grid to recreate various layouts like Instagram, Tweetdeck, Facebook, and more


  • #1 About Modern CSS Layouts 3M
  • #2 How To Get Started With Flexbox 19M39S
  • #3 Flexbox Container Children 12M47S
  • #4 CSS Grid Basic Terminology 7M25S
  • #5 CSS Grid Basic Container Properties 13M37S
  • #6 CSS Grid Container Advanced Properties 12M37S
  • #7 Children Properties For CSS Grid 13M39S
  • #8 Grid Area In CSS Grid 6M16S
  • #9 A Quick Overview Of CSS Variables 5M40S
  • #10 CSS ViewPort Units 5M20S
  • #11 How To Recreate The Instagram Layout 18M25S
  • #12 Responsive Instagram Layout With CSS Grid 17M22S
  • #13 Fullscreen Background Video Layout 15M26S
  • #14 Tweetdeck LayoutVertical, Infinite Scrolling Columns 18M29S
  • #15 Tweetdeck Layout Part 2 14M43S
  • #16 Named Grid Areas With Facebook Layout 17M32S
  • #17 The Facebook Post Layout 12M35S