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Color Palette and Color Styles

Now that we understand how auto layouts work, we will continue to create our color palette.



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3 months ago

@Rami There should be a bunch of combinations so it's mostly down to luck for you to match colors 😃

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5 months ago

Yeah, palette is being a little buggy. Another alternative is Image Palette, but you need an image to get a color scheme off of. It works well though.

Confirmed - Palette Plug-in Not working
updated 5 months ago

It looks like it wants to work. If you click on "Standard" you might see "Loading Color Models" - but nothing ever happens. Perhaps the plug-in's integration with is broken.

I did email the dev listed in the plug-in...

I also tried the api - and it is working.

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5 months ago

Anyone else having trouble getting the Palette plugin to work? When I choose an object with a color and then go plugins -> palette. The UI shows up with my selected color but then nothing happens. It just gets stuck in the loading state. Have tried a couple of times this week but no luck.

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updated 6 months ago

I am getting different colors than yours. Is it because it's AI based? Went down a mini rabbit hole trying to calibrate in Display settings.

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