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Getting Started

Welcome to Modern CSS Design Systems!

We will start off the series by downloading the HTML 5 Boilerplate and setting it up.
npm install npm run start



Al Santana
3 months ago

@Rocky Hi @Rocky! Thanks for your reply!! Do you know any compiler that process non :root-level variables, for example, when reassigning a value to a custom property within a declaration?

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3 months ago

Hey @Al Santana!

Look into adding a build tool (Webpack, gulp) that compiles your CSS into a version that IE11 can use.

Al Santana
3 months ago

Hi Scott, and everyone out there!! Firstly, thanks for your tutorial, it's like diving into what you think are shallow waters to find out there is an ocean underneath. Secondly, I've tried to put into practice all these custom properties and variables stuff with a very simple project in Svelte (putting into practice what I've learned from your svelte course and others). It is a simple cost calculator that MUST support IE11... and here comes the problem: IE11 does not support variables. Do you have any suggestion for processing the css before Svelte compiles the bundle, so that not only root level variables are treated (:root), but also those used in declarations (as the ones used in .grid or within media query blocks)? I'd really appreciate to hear your wise solution to this situation ;-) But take it easy, mine is a little project and I could convert all the variables by hand. Just wanted to know if you have any idea of how to solve this. Thanks in advance

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