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Forms and Inputs

Here we will take a deeper look into inputs and how we can style these without classes.



about 2 hours ago

@Taeluf The relationship between that input field and the label is declared correctly in both examples so it's just down to whatever way you prefer to do it really 🙂

updated about 19 hours ago

Why do you wrap the form inputs in divs? And why use <label for=> & <input id=> instead of <label> <input> </label> ? I'm doing:

<input type="text" name="whatever">

and styling with label input { display:block; }

Gary Porter
updated 19 days ago

If anyone wants to add radio buttons and checkboxes, you will need to add the following CSS, if you do the labels as block for everything else

[type="checkbox"] + label, [type="radio"] + label { display: inline-flex; }

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