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Forms and Inputs

Here we will take a deeper look into inputs and how we can style these without classes.



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3 months ago

@Taeluf The relationship between that input field and the label is declared correctly in both examples so it's just down to whatever way you prefer to do it really 🙂

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updated 3 months ago

Why do you wrap the form inputs in divs? And why use <label for=> & <input id=> instead of <label> <input> </label> ? I'm doing:

<input type="text" name="whatever">

and styling with label input { display:block; }

Gary Porter
updated 3 months ago

If anyone wants to add radio buttons and checkboxes, you will need to add the following CSS, if you do the labels as block for everything else

[type="checkbox"] + label, [type="radio"] + label { display: inline-flex; }

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