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Animating React with Framer Motion

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Propagation with Variants

In this video, we will take a look at propagation with variants. This is useful when delaying and triggering as series of animations.



6 months ago

@dave.js Dave, that’s a great tip. Thanks!!

6 months ago

Hey Scott, just wanted to mention something about role="button". Although screen readers will pick up the div, it's still not in the tab index making it non-focusable. Keyboard-only users won't be able to get to it. Although it can be annoying to use a button element and restyle it, it's much more accessible to use an actual button whenever possible.

Also, here's a neat CSS trick you can use to wipe out the button element styles: all: unset. Enjoying the animations stuff so far though! Thanks, Scott!

6 months ago

This is awesome! framer-motion makes it easy to make complex animations! Thanks Scott :)

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